Thursday, May 21, 2009

Can't get enough

of this girl's SMILE... She is always so happy! I love the toothless look! It so now! My little diva. Brooklyn is weighing in a 15 pounds! and 25" long . One pound behind Caleigh when she was this age! We finally found a place where we can get shots... NO MORE Health Department! Thanks goodness!!

Table for two

Caleigh no longer wants to sit in her highchair. We have graduated to a little table. It's a bit more messy.. but we are working on it!

One Goldfish for you..... Two for Me.....

Caleigh Loves her some goldfish! She and Brooklyn had a little talk about which ones are better! DID YOU SEE???

a little pasta here.... a little flour there

As many of you know. Bill has become quite the Chef! He coming up with some really good stuff.. Now only if his wife would get him something to put all his recipes in. The other day Bill wanted to make Fresh Pasta. First thing you should know. ITS A HUGE MESS! but if you have dumb dogs It won't be that bad! Caleigh even pulled up a chair and helped Daddy. She got some flour in her eyes and wasn't to happy. For Bill's first time it wasn't that bad. But if you ask him. He'll tell you he made homemade TOP RAMEN!!! HAHAHAHAHA It didn't matter to me. The apron and flip flop combo was all I needed to have a good night!

Out for a little stroll

Brooklyn is getting so big! WAY TO FAST... Doesn't she know she is our LAST baby.. Gezzzzzzzzz. She rather sit up in the stroller then be in her car seat. She is such a LOOKER. She is always watching what is going on.

You really can't tell..but the girls are wearing matching outfits. I'm so excited. Can't wait for more!! LOL

Splash Splash ...........

It has been so flippin HOT already.... Caleigh and I went to our favorite store to find a little something to cool us off. She loves to be outside. Can't wait for swim lessons!!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Yeah Daddy

Well folks, the Engineer Test is all done. WE are SOOO very proud of Bill. He got a 92% on the Practical. Which makes Daddy # 12 on the list. GREAT JOB Daddy!!! Even though he is not going to be an engineer this year... He is not giving up ! Soon Daddy will be an enginner and today he is driving the Water Tender in a Parade down 4th street in Downtown Las Vegas.
Here our a few of the boys on the Water Tender Daddy drove

One Hot Guy

Friday, May 8, 2009

New Videos

I posted some videos on Caleigh's YOUTUBE Channel. You can go check them out here.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Madix rolls over too!!!

WOO hoo.. my brother's baby Madix ( born just 13 days after Brooklyn) rolled over too.. AGH ! I wish we lived closer so they could grow up together... Who knows maybe Matt will get a job out here. Now... there is an idea... HINT HINT...

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Todays the BIG Day.....

Today Bill takes the Practical Part of the Engineer Test... WOO HOO we are so proud.... Can't wait to hear how GREAT he did! We love you Daddy!!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Its TEN!! and there BOTH asleep

As many of you know... we have been having issues with Caleigh sleeping. She climbs (more like jumps) out of her crib,so we had to buy her a BIG GIRL Bed. I for one, am SO Not ready for her to be able to move around the house. Lately she has been fighting sleep and staying up until WAY WAY Late. I was thinking about getting that NET thingy ...looked a little scary. Anyone do that? The bed will be here Monday so for now she has been sleeping in the guest bedroom. She points to Brookie and then her crib and wants her sissy to sleep in there. Kinda cute. This evening was like non other. After Bath we put Brookie to bed and then I told Caleigh to get in her bed. ...... This is where I found her...MY BED!! I THINK after much battle a thousand books later . Caleigh is asleep... Lets hope it stays that way all through the night!!!

She's a mover.......

Well I posted a video of Brooklyn rolling over a few weeks ago.... and now she can roll both ways... YEAH BROOKIE... No more leaving her on the couch by herself!