Sunday, January 31, 2010

A lil something for my BF mamas out there...

Heres a great little deal I came across for all my Breastfeeding Mamas out there...
Go to

Type " free1" in the Promo Code area and you get a "UTTER COVER" for FREE!!! All you pay is the shipping. Which is only  $9.95. The retail price is $32.00. Even if you aren't breastfeeding, What a great gift it would be to a new Mommy!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Captain Madix 1st Birthday!

We went to Madix's 1st Birthday party this last weekend. I can't believe My nephew and daughter are 1! Where does the time go? My mom made Madix's Pirate Costume.. Hat and all.. the decorations were super cute...and the girls had a great time!

SNOW in Vegas... AGAIN!!!!!

Brooklyn got to see snow for the 1st time today.. though it didn't stick .. it was still fun to go outside!

More Party Stuff.......

Cake TIME!

ONEderland Sucess

Thank you to everyone that helped me out for Brooklyn's first birthday! It was super fun! One of my best party themes so far! Here are some pics from the decor!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

I got it from my Mama.....

What can I say ... She's a diva... excuse the mess...we just got home from our 4 week vcay!

The box............

Was Awesome........till Ashton's head broke it! =)

Kitchen Time

Who loves their kitchen????

Caleigh and Brooklyn DO!!!

But who loves their kitchen aid more????
Mommy!!! and well the girls too!!!

Winter "One"derland

Are you ready? Brookie's 1st Birthday Bash is on its way!

Brookie can't wait................

Tutus and Pez......

Heres the girls latest photo shoot................ all thanks to Pez=)

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy 2010!!!!!!!!!

Happy New Year !! Hope everyone has an AMAZING YEAR!!! We are sure looking forward to what this year will bring to us!!!

Christmas Eve 2009 Hooter Style!

We were in Apple Valley for Christmas this year. It was only fair to have Brooklyn's first Christmas there too! =) Caleigh was super exited for Santie... She said that he was going to bring her... Cookies, Pez.... and Puppies Movie. Carrie got all us girls matching Christmas PJs. We all looked pretty dang cute!

Happy 1st Birthday Brooklyn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WOW.... Where has the time gone? My baby is 1!!!!! We are having her party in a couple weeks. Need to recoup from Christmas! Why did I pick December 29th for her birthday? Crazy MOMMY!!!! It has been such a blessing having Brooklyn in our family. I cannot imagine life with out her. She is still such a HAPPY baby. She makes my heart SUPER HAPPY! She has learned stuff so fast. I'm sure its cause her Big Sister shows her the loops. Brooklyn's vocabuary so far is
She is now in her BIG GIRL seat... and LOVES IT... she thinks its cool. She sits and stares out the window with Big Smiles.
Heres some pics of my ever so growing girl....