Sunday, August 23, 2009

A night out for Mommy and Daddy

Did I ever mention How COOL my brother is? Just in case I haven't said it enough. MY BROTHER ROCKS! My brother and Veronica came into town to celebrate The Serrano's 11th Anniversary and a lil HS reunion. We started the night off at a FABULOUS dinner at TAO. Apparently the SEA BASS is the die for..Bill didn't share his! Then we hoped into a Suv limo and headed over to the Hard Rock. I didn't know what exactly we were going to do.. but then My brother surprised us with VIP tickets to see CRUE FEST!! IT was awesome. We had never been in the NEW JOINT before... Which it totally rock. Got to see Godsmack and of course Motley Crue.

I met some really cool people. Along with one of my Fav Reality TV Stars, Ashley from Rock of Love/ Charm School.
I heart VH1. ooooo it was a great time. It totally rocks having a Rockstar for a brother! XOXO Aero. =)

We have TWO teeth!

Brooklyn is now rockin out with TWO teeth. And LOVES pasta... Thanks Grandpa... or as Caleigh would say YEYE


Can you believe I have NEVER been to Victoria Gardens? When we do get into town we rarely ever go "Down the Hill" The next day after Caleigh's party we headed on down. I can't wait to go back. We brought Caleigh and Brooklyn... so shopping was limited! Do you like my hair??.. Went dark for fall. It has reds blacks browns and blond? Not to mention SHORTER...

Drum Roll Please.......

I'M TWO!!!

I know I know... We have been soooooooo busy! Today is the first day in a long time I have had a moment to sit, put my feet up and relax. First I would like to thank everyone that came to Caleigh's hoedown! We had two different people come up from Vegas and a handful from "DOWN THE HILL" It meant a lot to us to have ALL of you there. Total head count was 78 people! Of which 28 of them were kids!!! It was a FULL house! I wouldn't have change a thing!! Well maybe more time to talk to people. Sorry if I didn't get to talk to you as much as I wanted. I was running around like a chicken with my head off! LOL I'll first post pics of the Prep. I made sheriff badges with all the kids names on them. Each got a Red or Blue bandanna . Burlap bags with LOOT written on the front stuff with gold chocolate coins and candy jewelry. The cupcakes were made with Circus Peanuts dipped into white chocolate with Wafer cookies for the neck. Pretzel for the tail. And WALA a Pony!I also put brown jelly bellies around the ponies for PONY POOP.. LOL I know I couldn't help myself. I got the Cupcake Stand from Michael's. Thanks to TOMKATSUDIOS for the inspiration. I made Cupcake Toppers with Photoshop and flower hole punch. Thanks to Martha Stewart for the Birthday Banner! Easiest thing I ever made. We made Cactus Juice ( Green Koolaid, Lime Sherbet and Sprit) We BBQ Hambugers and Hotdogs. The birthday girl wore a three tier bandanna skirt and #2 Shirt handmade by my Mommy. THE PONIES were from Pattys Ponies and Pets in AV. the Pinata was made in Vegas. I'm sure I forgot something or to mention someone. One month of prep was totally worth the smiles on Caleighs face! THANK YOU AGAIN TO MY MOM!!!!!!!! and THE Whole Hodgson Family!!!!!!!!! I couldn't have done it without you!!!
Pony Cupcakes

They were good!

A few were "drinking water" by morning... =)

Pinata was bigger then Brooklyn...

Just right for Caleigh

Kayla Taking a WACK at it

Where'd did go Mommy?

Each kid got a Sheriff Badge with there name on it.

Bandanna's for everyone. Blue for Boys Red for Girls

Totally Daddy's Girl!

Kids in Line for Ponies

Birthday Girl goes first

My lil Caleigh was so hot

Best present ever!

Isn't Madix a ham? The whole Chicken Fam dress up for the Hoedown!

Grandmas are the best! They make ponies!
I could honestly upload 356 more pics along with the ones my family has sent me. But this is what you get for now! Enjoy! =)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Crazy Caleigh

I know I know.. I've been slacking.. but getting ready for the HOEDOWN is taking up ALL my free time... Well what I have! So here is a little video from the other night....... No Caleigh didn't hurt herself or her sister....... =) And Thanks Rondie for the PJS .... Caleigh only wants to wear her "Ire Uck Jammies" ......

Monday, August 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Ashton!!!!

Happy 15th Ashie Poo Poo... WE LOVE YOU !!! ( have a GREAT 1st day of school too!)
August is FULL of Family Fun and birthdays! Today is Ashton's Birthday, Caleigh's Birthday is the 6th, Kelsea's Birthday is the 9th, My birthday is the 18th. Kayla is coming into town to hang out with us. Caleigh's Hoedown is the 16th!!

Just another BUSY month for us Caswell Girls!! I'm looking forward to Caleigh's birthday . She is such a character . She is learning stuff everyday. Favorite thing this month is.... You ask her what noise does a Cat make.. She gets this sad sad look on her face and says.. MEOW......oh to funny. Don't know why she thinks Cats are sad.... But WAY CUTE!! I'll post some videos soon.