Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pumpkin Craving Time....

This was the girls first pumpkin craving experience. Overall it went quite well. Brooklyn tried to eat all the pumpkins while Caleigh thought the "GUTS' were YUCK!. Daddy did most of the work while Mommy cleaned! Caleigh is so happy with her pumpkin... this morning she saw them and said... Ni Hao (means hello in Chinese But she calls Kei Lan it) Heart Happy! I asked her, Your Pumpkin makes you happy? and she Yelled YES!!!!!!!!!!!

Daddy hard at work

Caleigh being silly

Brooklyn taking off with Mommy's lid

Brooklyn's kitty

Caleigh's Kei-Lan ( Daddy out did himself on this one!)

The Caswells

Happy Halloween... Love the Caswells

Friday, October 23, 2009

Squeeze Inn

Wanna know where to get the BEST BURGER EVER.. then go to Sacramento. As you all know Bill is quite the Chef. He does some amazing things with food. We get the Food Network Magazine and a writer had wrote in that In N Out Burger was NOT the best burger in fact a little place in Sac town was. We had to go check out for ourselves. So, Sunday we drove over there.. Not in the best part of town.. But what good food is? to find out they were closed! Bill was totally sad! We made it a point to get there Monday before our flight left. Who doesn't love Burgers for breakfast? There is a reason they call it the SQUEEZE INN.. The place is SOOOOO small. We got lucky and got 6 seats. There is a total of 12 seats inside the restaurant. Its just one long bar! ( they had picnic tables in the back but it was raining) Brooklyn was asleep the whole time so we got to watch them do there magic and enjoy the yummy burger. They make burgers with FRIED CHESSE SKIRTS... oh so yummy. Caleigh LOVED the fries. Bill didn't get to talk to the Cook because he was too busy trying to find a place to park our car without it getting towed. The place only has 3 parking spots and the neighboring business tow like crazy. Over all it was a great ending to a wonderful memorable weekend! Can't wait to go back!

I loved this place so much. I wrote the Food Network and told them this place has to be on Diners Drive Ins and Dives.

Caleighs has a new BFF

Her AUNTIE AJ! Here are some photos of the two of them! AJ was such a GREAT HELP. Caleigh only wanted her. AJ even got to watch the girls while we went downstairs at the hotel. One night Brooklyn had woke up and Caleigh too...and AJ had them both in her arms.. So SUPER CUTE. We so wish she lived closer!

FairyTale TOWN

They don't make parks like this anymore!

This is how you get in to this place.. its just one big playground. Again no one was really there. So I didn't have to tell her NO and Caleigh just got to be a kid.

Metal Slide

This was the bathrooms.

Sacramento Zoo

While up in Sacramento we got a chance to go to the Zoo. It was a super nice day outside. Not to hot and not to cold. There was like NO ONE there so Caleigh and Abigail could run around and look at everything. It was so neat to see Caleigh try and talk to the animals. We went to the monkeys and they were going potty #2 ..now Caleigh say Monkeys POOP... SO funny!

This is how Brooklyn spent the ENTIRE TIME in the stroller. .Caleigh and Abigail as Kangaroos

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A day to remember

This past weekend we flew up to Sacramento. Dad Caswell was being honored. His name is Now on the Firefighters Memorial Wall. It was truly an amazing experience. A little stressful with two babies. But I wouldn't have change a thing! Bill looked so handsome in his Class A. The girls were so good during the ceremony. (Thanks to AUNT AJ) It was so neat to be there. I'm def proud to be a Caswell! They honored each fallen brother/sister with a Flag in a beautiful flag case with there names engraved. Now trying to find a place to put it without little Bees touching it. Here are some pictures... There are a ton more on my Facebook.


Man O Man... I have two walking toddlers!!!!!
Here is the video of lil Miss Brooklyn.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Breaking News.......

BROOKIE DID 10 STEPS TODAY!!!!... Here is a clip of it ..... Sorry I can't rotate it cause I did it on my camera..but Daddy is at work right now and we had to show him!!!!! YEAH BROOKLYN!!!!!!!!!....

Monday, October 12, 2009


Here is Caleigh in BROOKLYN's Halloween Costume. Caleigh is Dorothy, Brooklyn is the Lion. Daphne is the Tin Man and Daisy is the Scarecrow.