Monday, September 21, 2009

Some Fun in the Sun

Not like you can really teach a child seasons when you live in Vegas... But we took advantage of the 100 degree weather in September to play in the sprinklers. Caleigh was giving free rides to her sister to dry off. Brookie thought it was pretty fun. Now Caleigh only wants to ride her quad with her sister on it.

E & Madie

Caleigh has a best friend. Her name is Madie. Everyday Madie asks her Mommy if she can come to E's house. Even those these two fight like sisters they play so cute. Madie loves everything that Caleigh has and Vice Versa. I Can't wait to see these two grow up and become the best of friends.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

A girl and her PUPPY!

Caleigh can't really say Daphne yet so she calls her PUPPY.... Here they are today .. just the two of them having some fun...... well least Caleigh thought so....

Saturday, September 5, 2009

.... Just an FYI

I just finished making Caleigh's Thank you Cards... I really didn't mean for them to take this long ..... Things are getting harder to do with two VERY mobile Girls..( Brooklyn is trying to walk....... I'm sure she'll be taking her first steps soon...... but they are coming out.. THANK YOU to everyone again!! We LOVE YOU!!! XOXOXO

Daddy Pae?

Caleigh LOVES when Daddy is home! Today was a fulfilled event of DADDY "Pae" Time. Caleigh would NOT let Daddy stop playing! She busted everything thing out.... after Mr. Potato Heads, Rubber Mat, Tea Party, Legos.. it was time for Cleaaaan Ups Cleaaann Ups..SO daddy thought..... She then busted out the BLOCKs..

Monkey See

Monkey DO

Daddy's are fun to ride!

Play like this Caleigh

Who doesn't love a Messy Face?

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Nate Dog!

We made a quick trip to AV for a special little boys first birthday! ! Who doesn't love pool parties? Sue did some really cute games for the BIGGER kids. She' so dang creative! I love her! It was Pirate Theme..Caleigh searched for Treasure in the Sand Box and even got to get a toy from the TREASURE CHEST. Way to cute. It was SUPER FUN!! Thanks LUX's for having us! And Daddy thanks you for the much need MALE Bonding After Party!! =)