Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Happy 4 Months Brookie!






You made it~LOL.. I made it! I can't believe she is already 4 months old today! Crazyness!!!!! It feels like she has always been here. Its so great having two lil girls! I feel so blessed! She is by far the best baby I have ever had!! She's so alert and smiley! She looks at you when you call her name, finally gets the butterflies off her bouncy chair, Laughs like crazy...but most of all the girl can pass some GAS!!! ( she gets thats from her Daddy) I LOVE YOU BROOKLYN ANN....

Poor Daphne

..... Daphne got stuck playing with Caleigh today. Early this morning Caleigh wanted to play while I was making breakfast... and when looked to see what she was doing.. I found Daphne in her stroller. Not to my surprise, Since Daphers hates to walk... but she let Caleigh put her in there and tote her around. Even outside Crazy dog!

Do you like my jammies???

Caleigh got her first night gown and she LOVES it.... She had to show it off.... All night all I saw was here pointing to the KITTY on the bottom..... and twirling around!

Clothes Clothes EVERYWHERE......

Recently, I have been sick of going into Caleigh's Closet and putting something on her that fit a week ago to find out it doesn't fit anymore. I then decided it was time to go through her clothes. I saved pretty much everything I ever got. I have BOXES AND BOXES of clothes. I knew I was going to have another girl. Cause lets face it .. Bill doesn't know how to make girls! LOL I was so excited to have Brookie wear some of my most favorite outfits of Caleighs. What I didn't think about ... they are born in different seasons! Right now Brookie is into 3-6 months...6 month clothes. and Caleigh is in 3t! I dumped all the boxes into the loft to only have one box that would fit Brookie and NO clothes to fit Caleigh. I'm so glad we have an Old Navy, Ross, and Marshall... not to mention Target. Anywhere you can get CUTE girl clothes at 4 bucks a pop. I'm there. Caleigh was "helping" me with my piles.....this is what my loft look like!

1:00 AM and I'm on the computer.....

Here it is 1 in the morning and I'm addicted to PHOTOSHOP..... AGH!!! The possibilities are ENDLESS. Its been taking Caleigh a little longer to get to bed these days. Not sure why. She can get out of her crib in less then a minute. Pretty funny watching it. Would post the video, but I think my mama would be mad. Tomorrow Daddy is turning the crib to a Toddler bed till Her bed gets in. I love online shopping.. hate waiting for it to arrive. I didn't think she was ready but as of the last two nights she has been sleeping in the guest bedroom. Hopefully, she'll LOVE her new big girl bed and I can get creative !
Here's a little something I created in ten minutes. There is a lot more I did to it. Not sure if my gf wants it posted until the invites are out! THANKS MYKIE DEITZ! He's my tech support. Showed me a few key things. NOW I feel like a PRO. Thanks Brother I LOVE YOU! What would I do with out you Mykel? YOU ROCK!!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

....I love my mac and my husband for buying it

Guess what Bill got me.. Photoshop for my IMAC!!! WOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOO ... I can finally learn to do digital scrap-booking and make better cards to send out!!! I'm so excited. I just watch a couple tutorials and I think I got it... well a little bit. Here is my first digital scrapbook page. YEAH ME!! Just had to share. It not that great. Not too many layers..but hey I'm learning! If anyone has any tips... Please feel free to share!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


With all the crazyness . I didn't really sit all the girls down to take pictures. I thought I was going to get a family picture. But the Weather mess that up. I got them all matching Easter dress and well .. never took a single photo in them. Caleigh and Brookie looked so cute might I add. So this is what I got .. the last day the girls were here... I woke Caleigh up so she could say bye and I remember then to take pictures.. oh well there's always next time!


We were joking around about the Caleigh and Hailey show since the two of them were in the WAY WAY back of the car. So I had to post all the pictures of CJ and Brookie. CJ loved holding her... took her every chance she got. She liked her way better then Caleigh. She said she was an Angel like her. Through she wishes she was a Brother. I know she loves her! Look how cute they look.

Our 1st Child

Daphne Ann Caswell Born May 10, 2004..... Everyone that knew me before babies knew Daphne was my heart. I took her everywhere. Never made her walk. Dress her in every clothing possible. Took her to Spa days.. You name it .. Daphne did it. Then came Caleigh and I pretty much got over Daphne. She gets on my nerves. All the little things I thought were cute, Piss me off!! I mean come on What dog doesn't walk??? I tried giving her away, lots of times! To only have Bill say.. Shes my dog. She loves me . I think Daphne had a new friend this past week. I was going through the pictures and almost everyone at home or in the car. Hailey has Daphne. Through out there visit she would refer to her as her dog.. CJ leave MY dog alone.. It was too cute. Daphne really can't wait to see her again!

A little P.O'd

So ...... a little update... Caleigh HAS the CHiCKEN Pox! all I can say is WTF??? Really? She had the shot.... I thought that meant NO chicken Pox's! WRONG!!! It's a MILD case but still I'm in SHOCK. WHO WHAT WHEN WHERE WHY? Can you tell I'm mad. Caleigh has been sick for the last 8 days. and now we have to deal with this....on top of ALL that. My doctor. The Doctor I love and trust ... is no longer carrying Vaccines! AGAIN WTF??? I AM 100% a firm believer of vaccinating your kids! Now I have to go to the YUCKY health department to get Brookie's shots. To top all of that off since I have insurance I have to pay for them! AGH... So now I'm sitting her google everything I can on why the hell Nevada Sucks....
this is what I found out.

Nevada is the worst in the nation when it comes to vaccinating our kids. A change in the way vaccines are provided may push our immunization rates even lower.

Until recently, Nevada parents didn't pay for vaccines -- the state picked up the tab regardless of whether you had insurance. But cuts in federal funding have forced the state to focus on the neediest children, raising questions about what happens to the kids who do have insurance.

For more than 20 years, the State Health Division has provided vaccines for kids , free of charge, regardless of whether you had health insurance. It's part of an effort to improve the state's dismal immunization rate.

But dwindling federal dollars have forced the state re-evaluate spending. As of last week, the chicken pox vaccine comes at a cost, with six other shots, like diphtheria, hepatitis B and polio soon to follow.

"Right now, Nevada is 50 out of 50 for on-time vaccination rates. We're the worst in the country and this situation, unless we manage it correctly, will definitely not get better as a result of what's happening, said Dr. Lisa Glasser.

Private physicians, like Dr. Glasser, will now have to order vaccines from the pharmaceutical companies, and for the first time, bill insurers for the immunizations formally provided by the state.

Glasser says historically, several insurance companies have failed to reimburse doctors for the total cost of some vaccines, forcing them to send patients elsewhere for immunizations.

"Here you have a parent who's paying for health insurance, they bring their child to the pediatrician, they're told you can't get the vaccine here, you have to go to the health department," she said.

For kids with health coverage, the Southern Nevada Health District charges $95 cash for the chicken pox vaccine. They will not bill insurance.

"We really need the health insurance plans to pick up the costs for those fully insured children, so that we can focus our dwindling vaccine funds on those more needy children, underinsured kids, uninsured kids, children on Medicaid and Nevada Check Up," said Doug Banghart with the State Division of Health.

To manage the change, the state plans to put together a transition team to include doctors, insurance companies and other health officials. The hope is that insurers will cover the actual cost of the seven vaccines, so pediatricians can continue to provide them during office visits.

Otherwise, "The odds of children going unvaccinated become sky high the moment you fracture the medical home like that. That's what's going to happen."

Right now, the chicken pox vaccine is the only one affected. The rest will be phased out by the end of the year. It will likely take a while for everyone to adjust to the change.

If your child is covered by insurance and he or she needs a vaccination in the near future, call ahead to your pediatrician to make sure he or she will provide it.

so yeah I'm pretty much PO... had to vent somewhere... looks like you know where I will be tomorrow .... in line at the Health department... ooooo goodie!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Love at first site....

Uncle Butch FINALLY met Brooklyn!! She is almost 4 months old. With him traveling so much it so hard to met up with him. It was great to see Veronica and him. Thank you so much for the girls dresses! They love them! okay okay Mommy loves them! Hopefully we will be seeing him in Vegas real soon. To follow Uncle B..... go to or if your in need of some patio furniture go to . NICE PLUG HUH?? Love you brother!

and I shall name you Henry!

Build a Bear Rocks! I had never seen a bear actually built. and I remember Hailey had said she was looking forward to moving back to VA because they have a Build a Bear. When she saw that we had one too...she asked if she could make one. So her and Bill built Henry. CJ and I tried to get her to get the LAS VEGAS Showgirl outfit. or Elvis. But she wanted a boy. She named her Velvet Pup right away! She has a name for every stuff animal she owns. I hope Caleigh does the same. She knows all there names and who gave them to her and when.ITS SO SUPER CUTE.

Happy 9th Squarepants Birthday Hailey!!

Hailey is turning 9!!!! Can you believe it! What a little ham she is!! I wanted to plan something special for her while she was here since we wouldn't be able to make it to VA for her birthday! I didn't know till Saturday morning if we were going to AV or not. I kinda wanted Kelsea, Taylor and Ashton there to help with the lil girls... so we just went to Red Robin for dinner and then ice cream cake! Hailey and CJ's grandparents got to join us for dinner too! We got her a spongebob cookie dough ice cream cake. YUMMY!!! She got lots of cool stuff . I really wanted to go to this place in Rancho called Jumping Jacks(thanks Sue) but NO body ever called me back. Pump it up was closed on Monday's and I didn't want to do Chuck E Cheese since thats where her party is going to be in VA. We ended up finding a place in Las Vegas called Bounce U. Which was super fun! CALEIGH Loved it. She went up the HUGE inflatable Slide and went down all by herself. She is such a big girl. Hailey and her had a really good time together. Mark and his kids join in. Which CJ really enjoyed. After she met Mark .. she kept asking if he was coming over again! She even asked Mark if he was married cause she would like a 3rd dad. HAHAHA the kids say. When she gets older she'll laugh about it. I remember when I asked my parents to get a divorce because I wanted TWO of everything like my friends!! Now there coming up to there 45th wedding anniversary. WOO HOO!!

Trip to Daddy's Fire Station

Every time I bring anyone to the Bill's Fire station they are so amazed on what they really do. Yeah there is some down time where they can cook, play ping pong, watch TV. But not everyone knows that they run on EVERY medical call in there area. So every time you call 911 a FIREMEN COMES TOO! Bills station is one if not the busiest in Las Vegas. The girls were no exception. They had no clue what there dad did for a living. Bill showed them exactly what he does all 24 hours. They were so interested and ask such good questions. They both didn't know he worked there for 24 hours at a time and that he doesn't get weekends off. It was pretty cute watching them TRY to get all the gear on. CJ had to hold on to Bear so she didn't fall over. I think they like driving in the fire engine the most. CJ left her dad a pretty cute message on the white board... which today ( Monday) its still there!! The girls got in the back of the Rescue and CJ was pretending to stab her sister! What sisterly love they have! =)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Mr. Easter Bunny stops by for a Visit

Did you know the Easter Bunny knows where you are at all times? Hailey was SO excited that he stop in Apple Valley to delivery an Easter Basket just for her. She was the 1st one up . Uncle Scott taught her the difference between a hard boiled egg and a non hard boiled egg. CJ and Ashton were pretty mad at me for waking them up.. they needed more beauty rest I guess! Caleigh was a crack up ! She wanted to take about all the plastic eggs and eat ALL the candy...someone (AUNTIE) let her have WAY to much candy and now she thinks ALL plastic eggs have candy in them! She is now going around and putting anything in her plastic eggs.. opens them up and says OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

Coloring Eggs is so fun

One thing I love about Easter is coloring eggs... (second thing is Cadbury Mini EGGS) Each girl got a dozen eggs to decorate how ever they wanted. Caleigh's eggs came out REALLY Bright since she left hers in the longest. CJ did some really cool eggs. Hailey did some really cool Shrink wrap ones.Bill did SILLY ones. Taylor got really creative and did some little people ones. It was really neat to watch Caleigh dip her eggs and take them out with her hands. She's so silly! Gotta love her...Caleigh did have a nap that whole day. She was so tired but stay awake to color eggs. Brookie just sat there and bounced away ... as usual!!